Zaovine is a wooded hilly and mountainous area in western Serbia, on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a natural link between the mountain of Tara and Zlatibor and Mokra Gora.

The region includes the basin in the valley of the Beli Rzav river and its tributaries, the reservoir at the base of the impression and the slopes of the mountains of Zvijezda, Tara, Zborište and Tetrebića, between which the Beli Rzav has carved the deep and barely passable Sklopovi gorge.

It was in this area in 1875 that Josif Panćić discovered the rare Pančić Spruce (Serbian: Pančićeva omorika), a living fossil of the plant kingdom. There are around 600 plant species here, dominated by abundant woodlands of spruce, Pančić spruce, firs, beech, black pine, Scots pine and others.

The most important species of fauna is Pančić’s Grasshopper (Pyrgomorphella serbica), a relict endemic species found only in a 10 km2 area in the region. Also found here are 14 species of fish, 6 amphibians, 5 reptiles, 108 bird species and 36 species of mammal. The most important of these are brown trout, huchen, horned viper, Nutcracker, Hazel Grouse, Willow Tit , Black Woodpecker, roe deer, bear and chamois.

Major cultural and historic sites include the Ravna Stena rock outcrop, on whose peak we find the remains of a mediaeval fortification from the period of the Kotromanić dynasty, a mediaeval basilica and a large number of log cabins in the characteristic Old Vlach style.


Centar za održivi ruralni razvoj "Tara biosfera"
31251 Mitrovac - Zaovine
tel: +381 (0)31 864-065

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