The Palić nature park is in the north of Vojvodina, between the city of Subotica and the nearby town of Palić.

The bed of the Palić lake, in which waters draining from the sands have collected, came about through the effects of the wind at the point where the Subotica sands and the Bač wooded plateau meet.

The discovery of the curative properties of the mineral-rich water in the mid-19th century led to the development of the Palić spa on the northern bank of the lake.

Agricultural land has to a great extent encroached onto the banks of the lake itself and thus the native vegetation has survived only in small patches. However, the large park is rich in varieties of oak which favour sandy soil, and is also a refuge for species from the largely destroyed woodlands of the Subotička Peščara sands.

The most important animal species include numerous bats and 61 bird species which nest here. The open waters of the lake are the most important winter habitat for birds in this region. The artificial islands on the western part of the lake have become home to colonies of Squacco Heron, crabs and gulls, including a permanently nesting population of Mediterranean Gulls.

The buildings of the old spa resort were built in the Secessionist style, and together with the wider territory of the former park comprise a protected part of the cultural and historical heritage of this area.


Turistička organizacija Subotice
Trg Slobode 1 Subotica,
tel. +381 (0) 24 670 350

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