Stara Planina

Stara Planina

Stara Planina mountain is the largest mountain in eastern Serbia and a massif which forms a natural border with Bulgaria. It is located 330 km from Belgrade, 70 km from Niš and 50 km from Knjaževac and Pirot. The highest point is Midžor, at 2169 m.

The stunning beauty of its unspoilt nature makes Stara Planina the most beautiful mountain in eastern Serbia and one of its most important areas for tourism. It is a natural treasure of exceptional importance and is a protected nature park.

Stara Planina spends almost five months a year under snow cover, at heights of between 1100 and 1900 m, meaning that there is good potential for the construction of long alpine ski slopes. With the construction of a ski-lift system and ski slopes, accommodation and other facilities, Stara Planina will very quickly become one of the largest and most important ski centres in Serbia, aimed in particular at lovers of snow sports and quality skiing in the midst of immense beauty and untouched nature. The natural features of Stara Planina are also ideal for hiking, hang gliding and paragliding, fishing and picking medicinal and aromatic plants and mushrooms.

Babin Zub is one of the highest peaks on Stara Planina, standing 1780 m above sea-level. There are plans to build the Babin Zub Tourist Centre, with an alpine skiing capacity of 14,000 skiers, 40 km of ski-lifts, 100 km of ski slopes and accommodation with over 8000 beds. Currently, the Babin Zub Ski Centre comprises slopes in Konjarnik, the Sunčana Dolina valley, as well as the Markova Livada meadow which is lit for night skiing. The four-seater Konjarnik ski-lift, which has a “magic carpet” conveyor belt for boarding skiers, has a capacity of 1500 skiers an hour, while the Sunčana Dolina and Markova Livada ski-lifts each have a capacity of 1200 skiers an hour.

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