Belgrade for family

Belgrade for family

Belgrade is a children-friendly city. It is in a Serbian tradition to take along their offspring on walks, as there are plenty of places to go for a whole family.

The children will be excited to spend a day at the Kalemegdan park within the Belgrade Fortress , visiting the nature and military museums with their open air exhibits or Observatory and Zoo as well.

St.Sava Temple is one of the biggest orthodox churches in the world. Kids will have a chance to learn a bit about the orthodox religion and enjoy the beautiful park in the city centre.

Ada Ciganlija Lake and park, with many facilities for the outdoor fun like free climbing rock, adventure park, photo safari, swimming and biking around the lake, will make kids active and happy during nice sunny days.

Children will also enjoy interactive Belgrade museums, like Nikola Tesla museum, or Kids museum exhibiting old toys as well as the augmented reality presentations of the history and modern world. Automobile Museum and Aeronautical Museum are great introduction into the XX century technology development.

Many restaurants have kids’ menu and playground areas, like Mala fabrika ukusabut children will enjoy the most ice cream and sweets, like those offered in Mamma Biscuit House or many other Belgrade patisseries. Skadarlija – old central city district with restaurants, cafes, galleries and street entertainment should not be missed.

One of the best way for sightseeing Belgrade is I Bike Belgrade biking guided tour of Belgrade if you want to be active, or hop on/hop off open roof sightseeing buses .

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